ECHO Didactics

Project ECHO: Aging, Community, and Equity (PEACE)

Project ECHO: Aging, Community, and Equity (PEACE) aims to teach about the impact of the pandemic on the mental and physical well-being of older adults living in rural communities. Click the play button below to watch each didactic presentation.

Cohort 1
   Risks of Social Isolation and Loneliness for Older Adults during COVID-19
   Virtual Volunteers: Using Technology to Address Social Isolation during COVID-19
   Depression, Loneliness, and Well-Being
   Long COVID: An Overview
   Cognitive Decline, Dementia, Depression, COVID, or All of the Above?

Cohort 2
  What are the 4Ms and Why Do They Matter?
  Mild Cognitive Impairment vs. Dementia
  The First M: Mentation
  The Second M: What Matters
  The Third M: Medication
  The Fourth M: Mobility
  Implementing the 4Ms: Formal Community Supports
  Implementing the 4Ms: Formal Clinical Supports

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) ECHO

The Substance Use Disorder (SUD) ECHO aims to teach best practices for treatment of SUD in rural communities using a person-centered approach. Click the play button below to watch each didactic presentation.

Cohort 1
  Deaths of Despair and Harm Reduction
  Syringe Harm Reduction
  Stigma, Bias, & Trauma in Harm Reduction

Cohort 2
  Coping with Xylazine in Street Opioids
  Resourcefulness and Rural Sustance Use Disorder Practice: Countering Stigma and Bias to Preserve Relationships 
  Substance Use and SUD in Adolescents
  Chronic Pain and Substance Use Disorder
  Motivational Interviewing for Substance Use Disorder: Influencing Behavior Change
 ‚Äč Co-Occurring SUD & Infectious Disease
  SUD Harm Reduction Strategies: Patient-Centered Treatment Planning
  Telehealth for SUD: Techniques for Assessment & Relationship Building


The Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC) is federally funded to provide technical assistance to develop, implement, and expand telehealth services in New England and New York. The NETRC also operates Telehealth Classroom, an open access portal with courses designed to assist providers, health systems, and other stakeholders in telehealth.